Man dies after hitting guard rail in NLR

Man dies after hitting guard rail in NLR

Investigators not sure why man lost control.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A man is dead after a fiery truck crash on Interstate 40 in North Little Rock.The first reports came in around 12:30 Thursday afternoon.

"It was explosions and stuff was blowing up," said witness Ryan Simpson

The problem sent fire crews to the scene, hoping to help the truck's driver. By the time firefighters arrived, passersby like Jason Curtsinger, had already pulled the man out of the burning truck.

"I pulled one of his fingers off as I was pulling him. It fell off in my hand," said Curtsinger.

Fire investigators say the driver somehow drifted off the road and hit a guard rail. Good Samaritans tried their best to help the burning man.

"We found some cardboard laying on the ground from the load he was carrying. And we use the cardboard to try and put the fire out at least on his upper body," said Curtsinger.

Firefighters say the truck was carrying rolls of plastic. They decided to use foam over water to fight the blaze. The foam smothers the flames, helping to put the fire out quicker.

Fire crews got the situation under control, but I-40 west ended up being closed for five hours

"His clothes were burned off of him. He was down to the last layer of skin. It was bad," said Simpson.

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