Man found dead in stolen car, suspect charged

Man found dead in stolen car, suspect charged

Pine Bluff police have arrested a man and charged him with Probably Cause for Capital Murder. 21-year-old Sam Mosby is in the Jefferson County Jail accused of killing 21-year-old Devan Ward.

PINE BLUFF, AR - "We do have a lot of kids up and down the neighborhood, riding bikes, playing ball," said West 26th Street resident Jevenee Mosby.

But neighbors say Saturday morning, something was wrong.

Police say they found 21-year-old Devan Ward shot dead inside a stolen car abandoned right in the middle of the now empty street.

"That's what time they found the body but there's no telling when the crime actually happened or where it took place," said Mosby.

Tonight, police have a suspect. Around 6:00pm, Saturday, they arrested 21-year-old Sam Mosby charging him with Probable Cause for Capital Murder.

"I just don't understand it," said Ward's friend and former neighbor Dominic Young. "The young die younger. I just seen the little kid yesterday so that kind of touched me in a way that I wasn't really ready for at the time."

Young says before police found Ward in the abandoned car Saturday morning, he laid low and kept to himself - having been arrested for crimes in the past.

"Everybody has got one strike against him but he made that change in his life so I don't see why it had to be so tragic on him," said Young.

Adding in Pine Bluff, the suspects and the victims seem to keep getting younger.

"Our parents aren't dying before us," he said. "We're dying before our parents and that's not the way that's supposed to go."

"A crime can take place at any time," said Jenevee Mosby. "Anybody, anywhere. It could happen."

Although Ward was found in an abandoned car right in front of Jenevee Mosby's house, Fox16 is still trying to find out if the murder suspect, Sam Mosby, is related to her.

Police have recovered the murder weapon but they are still working on a motive. Ward's body is on it's way to the State Crime Lab for further investigation.

Police say the car where they found Ward was stolen out of Little Rock. Right now, they don't know how long the car had been parked on the street before they were called to the scene Saturday morning.

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