Mayflower Oil Spill Update: "No Oil in Lake Conway"

Mayflower Oil Spill Update: "No Oil in Lake Conway"

State official makes statement in news conference update on cleanup.
MAYFLOWER, AR - There's no oil in Lake Conway.

That's according to an official with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) who made the statement at a morning news conference in Mayflower.

The official was one of several in attendance as the Mayflower Pipeline Incident Unified Command Joint Information Center briefed the media on how cleanup is going of the March 29 oil spill.

Also there were officials with ExxonMobil, Faulkner County, the City of Mayflower, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency are gathered to provide an update on the cleanup.

The news conference began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and last night's West, Texas explosion and fire.

The ADEQ official also said that air monitoring conducted for 3 homeowners showed safe levels.

An ExxonMobil official began with an apology for the disruption the spill and cleanup has caused homeowners and the city. He said they are here to "make it right."
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