Mayflower Oil Spill's Toll on Wildlife

Mayflower Oil Spill's Toll on Wildlife

ore than 200 birds and reptiles caught, 129 (mostly poisonous snakes) euthanized.
MAYFLOWER, AR - ExxonMobil has released some numbers that show the toll the Mayflower oil spill has had on wildlife.

Of the birds and reptiles caught since the March 29 incident:
62 were DOA (either found dead or died in transport)
14 died in custody
129 were euthanized (125 were venomous snakes)

Another 64 had been rehabilitated and released as of last night, and 22 more were released today.

ExxonMobil says via email that "It is regrettable some animals had to be euthanized; however, the Mayflower Incident Wildlife Plan approved by the Unified Command and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission provides for the euthanasia of wildlife in circumstances where the wildlife is critically injured or poses a risk to the safety of clean-up personnel."

ExxonMobil says these numbers are preliminary and subject to change based on a thorough review of the wildlife reporting that will take place after the conclusion of the recovery.
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