Mayflower School District Continues Air Quality Testing

Mayflower School District Continues Air Quality Testing

Teams still making assessment after the March 29th oil spill.

MAYFLOWER, AR - Mayflower Elementary School is in walking distance to the Northwood subdivision, where the Exxon oil spill caused the evacuation of more than two dozen families.

When the spill first happened. close to a dozen students went home after feeling nauseous.

"We did find there were a few people that just didn't like the smell,” said Superintendent of Mayflower Schools, John Gray.

Gray said Exxon paid for air quality tests for all district campuses and passed. 

The Arkansas Department of Health gives a thumbs up as well.

We've been working with the schools and there is no evidence at this time to indicate that there any of these volatile compounds associated with the crude oil spill,” said Dr. William Mason, Chief Preparedness & Emergency Response for Arkansas Department of Health.

As for long term effects, Mason adds, the school is safe. 

Gray, says overall school attendance has been normal.

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