Mayflower homes destroyed by fire

Mayflower homes destroyed by fire

Fire crews from several difference agencies spent hours battling 3 house fires in Mayflower Sunday.
2 homes destroyed, 1 damaged (Karoline Wightman)
2 homes destroyed, 1 damaged (Karoline Wightman)
MAYFLOWER, AR - Neighbors on Mallard Cove say they watched multiple homes go up in flames while waiting for firefighters to arrive. Fire crews from several different agencies spent hours battling 3 house fires in Mayflower Sunday.

Two of those homes are a total loss. The fire started around 2pm Sunday. Ashley Martin and her mother Susan Martin say the homes are very close together and caused the flames to spread quickly to two other houses.

Thick smoke could be seen for miles billowing through the trees. Ashley Martin says she was grilling on her deck all morning. “I was coming in and out of the house every 15 minutes and at about 2pm I saw a big flame."

Martin says she immediately called 911. “I ran down there to make sure my neighbors were OK and make sure everybody got out of the house."

Emergency responders say multiple fire and police departments including volunteers tried to keep the fire contained but the nearby woods caught fire, forcing people to back out of the area for safety.

Crews had to haul in water by tanker trucks and initially did not have enough firefighters to get the upper hand on the flames.

Martin says she saw neighboring town Cato’s Fire Department and a few others called in for backup because the Mayflower Fire Department ran out of water.

Fire crews say no one got hurt except for a few family pets that did not make it out of the homes alive.

One of the families just moved into their house. They have 3 children and neighbors say they lost everything. The Red Cross is helping the families. Fire crews say the amount of damage to the 3rd house is unknown, but the home is salvageable.

Fire investigators are trying to determine a cause of the fire.

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