Mayor: “No serious injuries” reported after Morrilton storms

The National Weather Service says straight line winds caused most of the damage in Morrilton, one of the hardest hit parts of the state. More than 50 homes are damaged, but no one has reported serious injuries.
Damage in Morrilton
Damage in Morrilton
MORRILTON, AR - Juan Garcia is one of 50 people with a damaged home today in Morrilton. Luckily - yesterday when the storm hit, he was at the store.

"This is my bed,” Garcia said, walking around his damaged home. “This is my room where I sleep and when I got here, the tree was up there."

Garcia's home is one of the most damaged in the city. Others have less extensive roof damage or trees that fell in the yard. Surprisingly, according to the mayor of Morrilton, no one reported a serious injury. That's with rain continuing over night and today creating some very slick roads.

"I'm surprised for the whole city we didn't have any serious injuries,” Mayor Stewart Nelson said. “We're very, very fortunate in town that we didn't have any serious injuries."

It leaves the mayor, Garcia, and a lot of other residents thinking the same thing.

"I'm just, thank you Lord for passing by," Mayor Nelson said.

"God. He was with me, you know?” Garcia said. “For some reason I wasn't here."
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