Missing Dog Returns Home After Burglary

Police locate and return a dog that went missing while it's owners home was burglarized.
A man's best friend gone missing during a home invasion a month ago is back safely at home. Witnesses say the dog, Faulkner, went limping away from home as burglars ravaged Nick Rogers' home a month ago.

Rogers says he put up signs, left his gate open for weeks and was just about to give up hope until Sunday when two LRPD officers showed up with Faulkner in tow.

"They rang my doorbell and asked if it was him and it was immediately clear it was him but it took two or three seconds to think it could be him after four weeks and he would have found a way to survive and look like himself. It was unbelievable," Rogers said.

Rogers says the same officers who worked the burglary remembered Faulkner's name and called out to him when they saw him wandering near Children's hospital. He's expected to make a full recovery.
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