Missing Hot Springs County inmate still on the loose

Missing Hot Springs County inmate still on the loose

A Hot Springs County inmate remains at large.
This is the last confirmed sighting of Dewayne Boykin, still in his prison jumpsuit, walking right by a Malvern High School security camera. Boykin's the fourth inmate to escape from the Hot Springs county jail in less than a year.

“At this time, I think the jail is severely under staffed,” Sheriff Chad Ledbetter said. “We do need more staff members at the jail. Until we get the appropriate staff, it's not gonna operate like it should."

Does the Sheriff believe people in Hot Springs County, given this escapee issue, need to be cautious?

“Oh yes, I think they have a right to have great concern. There's no doubt there," Sheriff Ledbetter said.

Here's how Boykin ended up in the Hot Springs County Jail in the first place: Police say he stole cart full of electronics from Wal-Mart and got caught when he came back a second time, trying to pull off the same heist all over again. Police think he did it all over the state.

As for the jail, the Sheriff says there are two big problems here:

Number one - the guidelines have to be stricter on personnel, he says that's on him.

Number two - he says he needs more jailers, something he's asked the Quorum Court for but hasn't gotten.

"I think the public should call their Quorum Court JP member for their district and express their concerns with them,” Sheriff Ledbetter said. “I know I'm gonna call each individual one."

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