Mom of Alleged Shooter at Verizon Arena Speaks Out

Mom of Alleged Shooter at Verizon Arena Speaks Out

Angela Matthews, the mother of Christian Jackson, said her son acted out of character. He's accused of shooting his girlfriend Tuesday as she left her high school graduation rehearsal.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- While Christian Jackson clings to life in the hospital, his mother can't get past the reason he's there.

North Little Rock police accuse him of shooting his girlfriend Jasmine Fisher and then turning the gun on himself outside of Verizon Arena.

Jasmine is listed in good condition.

"I was devastated.  I just got a phone call while I was at work. I couldn't believe it," said Angela Matthews. She is Jackson's mother.

Matthews said her son and Jasmine had been dating for some time. But Jasmine's father tells FOX16 news that his daughter had broken it off with Jackson the night before.

He said Jackson showed up with a gun out of disappointment.

"Christian is a good child. Jasmine is a good child. I'm in disbelief. I think it's all emotions and children not knowing how to deal with their emotions," Matthews said.

Matthews said she has not been able to talk to her son because he's on suicide watch and in police custody at the hospital. If she could talk to him, she'd ask why he turned to violence.

She said this does not change her feelings about Jasmine.

"Jasmine knows we love her and we always will no matter what," Matthews said.

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