More arrests made in Nancy Harvill murder case

More arrests made in Nancy Harvill murder case

Dallas County deputies arrested two more people Friday in connection to the death of Nancy Harvill, the Fordyce woman found buried in the back of her house.

FORDYCE, AR -- John Aldrich told investigators he acted alone in the murder of his stepsister Nancy Harvill.  But detectives said he had help!

According to a report, Sherri Bowen, Harvill's step mother, told her sons John and Christopher Aldrich back in August 2011 to tie Nancy up, following an argument between Nancy and John.  Her sons followed her orders, and it led to two days of torture.

Investigators said the three of them beat Nancy with baseball bats, a broom, and cast iron pans, and the trio shot her with a airsoft gun, which led to her death.  Then, they dug a hole in the shop behind the house and buried her disfigured body.

Deputies said the family devised a cover-up story -- that Nancy left with someone, and they used that alibi for fifteen months, until investigators found her body.

"I didn't even know she was missing," Nancy's father Homer Jones told FOX16 in an interview on Thursday.

Nancy's father lives in Michigan and didn't learn of her death until seeing our report online.  Jones said he'd been emailing Nancy up until last year and even got responses!  He now believes someone from the Aldrich family broke into Nancy's email to respond to his messages.

"I'd been talking to her off and on the computer, at least I thought it was her, and all of a sudden all of the communication stopped for about a year," Jones said.

Nancy's ex-husband Gary said the family tricked him.  He would call to speak with nancy but her step mom would say she's out of town.

After John's arrest, he believed there would be other arrests.

"When this investigation first started, I said don't look at just John, look at everybody in that household," Gary Harvill said.

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