Morrilton Mayor Pushing Ahead On Pit Bull Fence Ordinance

Ordinance would require all pit bull dog owners to install 6ft. fence.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Morrilton city leaders are getting closer to passing an ordinance affecting pit bull owners.

The proposed ordinance would require pit bull dog owners to install six foot fences.

The mayor wanted to get this issue passed under an emergency action.  That didn't happen, but he did get enough votes to advance the measure to a second reading.

Right now, pit bull owners must have a four foot fence on their property.

"This issue that made it hit home to me was when there were two pit bulls that are frequently getting out and they ate a ladies cat," said Mayor Stewart Nelson.

Even though the council voted to move the measure to a second reading Monday night,  Councilmen Jim Bowles and John Payne were the only members to vote against the proposal.

They say it puts more financial stress on the owners.

"[The council] passed an ordinance last year that the fence had to be four foot tall. By passing [a new ordinance] to six feet, those people who just put a fence up last year will now have to put up a new fence," said Bowles.

Payne says the law should remain the same.

"We have neighbors who just put up a five foot fence and then we are asking them to replace it with a 6 foot fence, that gets a little costly for them," said Payne. 

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