Morrilton Students Not Allowed To Call Parents During Lockdown

Morrilton Students Not Allowed To Call Parents During Lockdown

Lockdown was prompted by incident near school.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Two Morrilton schools go into lockdown Friday, but students say they weren't able to use their cell phones to call their parents.

"Teachers locked the school down, closed all the doors to make sure we were safe," said student Ayana Trezvant. 

Police say the lockdown at Morrilton High School started because of a suicide attempt near the school, prompting a recorded call home to parents from school leaders. 

Investigators resolved the issue safely, but students say they were uncomfortable because they couldnt call their parents during lockdown. 

The practice is something they have been allowed to do before.

"I was just worried about us being all safe because I didn't know what was going on and I hear about all the shootings that happen everywhere and I was nervous," said student Amoni Clemons.

The district did respond saying , "There was a miscommunication. Students were told not to get on social media and the internet. Students could have used their cell phones to call parents. We will work to avoid this problem in the future."

Morrilton Junior High School was also placed on lockdown.
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