Mosaic Church buys old Kmart building

Mosaic Church buys old Kmart building

Sunday, a Little Rock church completed a journey more than six years in the making.
Sunday, a Little Rock church completed a journey more than six years in the making.

Mosaic Church announced it has purchased the old Kmart building on Asher and University, allowing the church to more-than triple its space.

Mosaic Church, in Little Rock's University District, celebrates diversity. Sunday, it also celebrated an early Christmas.

"What is that, May? It's a key. You know what that key opens? You're not sure? Scott, you have any idea what this key opens? What do you think it opens? It opens a building this church owns, the old Kmart." said one of the pastors.

Mosaic Church used to own a trailer, now it owns the 100-thousand square foot old Kmart

"We bought the building. That's so exciting for the whole church, for the community. You know, because for the last six years, we were saying to the community we are going to buy the building, we are going to buy the building, but today we bought the building," says Community Engagement Pastor Cesar Ortega.

Mosaic bought it from Mike and Monica Montgomery, who own OFS, an office furniture company.

"People are going to see a difference in the corner or University and Asher and University and Col. Glenn and there's so much more we can do here, but the bottom line is folks need to know we are here to stay. We believe in this church. This church believes in this community," says State Senator Joyce Elliot, who is also a church member.

Community outreach is important for Mosaic members, and with the added space, they hope to increase their community programs when they make the move as well.

"From what we know already, there's a tremendous need for the youth in this community. You know, to have a positive influence. We're just very hopeful that the church is going to be there. I know that's the expectation and by God's grace, that's what we'll be," says church member Rick Cain.

60-thousand square feet of the new building will be leased back to OFS for a year. That also means the amount collected is enough to cover the mortgage for the first year so that the church does not have to pay for both buildings at the same time.
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