Mother of 9 veterans shares her experiences

Mother of 9 veterans shares her experiences

The mother of 17 children, Rozina Williams watched nine of her children sign up for the military.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- The mother of seventeen children, Rozina Williams made sure she didn't show favoritism.

"I got some of everything and everybody,"' said Williams.

But nine of her boys are special -- not only to her, but also to our nation. They all served in the military.

"It wasn't any good jobs for them and that's the way they wanted to get out and make themselves. But they got a lot of their education after they got out," said Williams.

They're Bobby, Sammy, R.J., Chancie, Rickey, Teddy, Jimmy, L.C., and Ernest.

They traveled to different countries and fought on battlefields while their biggest supporter stayed behind.

"I don't watch them war pictures at all. I don't even cowboy shows cuz they're shooting," said Williams.

She couldn't keep in contact through Skype or Facebook but letters brought her peace.

"I'd write them letters and I sent one of them a cake and it got crumbled up."

Her sons say Veterans Day is not just about them. You can't leave out the prayers of their mother, which are prayers she said got answered.

"I just thank God we were able to make it through. 9 of us in the military the stress that it put on her knowing her boys were in the war zone," said her son Ricky Williams, retired U.S. Army (Ret.)

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