Mt. Vernon-Enola Considers Arming School Admins

Mt. Vernon-Enola Considers Arming School Admins

Leaders are now conducting surveys to get feedback.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- School leaders in the Mount Vernon-Enola School district are considering arming administrators.

"It is unfortunate where we are at this point, but we are," said superintendent Larry Walters.

Right now, Walters says he is preparing to conduct a survey for parents to complete. 

"At this time, we are at a stage where we can see if the public is ready for (arming school administrators). And put it out there and see what kind of support we get from our community, our patrons and students and staff to see if this is a direction we want to go," said Walters.

School leaders say the topic is getting a lot of talk because so many parents are worried about safety.  Walters also says security is important because of the school's location. 

"Because we are in an isolated rural area, where we don't have access to law enforcement at our hands. We have no police department. The sheriffs office is 25-30 minutes away," said Walters.

Walters says he hopes to have all surveys returned by next month. 

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