NLR Plans Discussion On How School Resource Officers Are Paid

City pays 100% of costs right now.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Monday, North Little Rock city leaders will discuss the possibility of asking the school board to help pay the $400,000 cost for school resource officers.

Right now, the city pays 100 percent of the costs.

The mayor says security will remain the priority on school campuses. But he adds the dialogue surrounding the issue is important.

"We want to create a great partnership with the school district and it's my intent to make that partnership even better. I think they are willing to talk to us about all different sorts of opportunities to do together," said Mayor Joe Smith.

A school board spokesperson says she could not say what the board would or would not do, but did say the board will entertain all possibilities.

The city will address the issue Monday night starting at 6:30.

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