NLR Police Chief Discusses Recent Murder Cases

NLR Police Chief Discusses Recent Murder Cases

New NLR Police Chief Mike Davis says violent crime is down despite recent rash of crime in the city.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Wednesday marks exactly one week since a young mother was shot and killed driving through a popular North Little Rock intersection.

Investigators are still trying to track down Samantha Olson's killer, along with those responsible for two other murders in the same week.

Last year nine people were murdered this city, while through August of this year, the count is already up to 10.

The city's new police chief, Mike Davis, has only been in office roughly 40 days and he says he carries a list with the names of the murder victims in his jacket pocket.

“It is so important to not come across as saying this one is not more important than the other, to the family they are all important,” he says.

Chief Davis says right now detectives are rushing to find answers in what appears to be the random shooting of Samantha Olson. The 31-year-old was hit with a single bullet, while driving with her baby in the car.

“It’s a case that’s got everybody concerned,” says Chief Davis.

The chief says detectives are begging businesses to turn over surveillance video and for witnesses to call in the slightest details. And they also need help tracking down the person who left George Zumwalt dead in a ditch on Batesville Pike.

Police are also hoping for help finding the person who Louis Oswaldo shot near Guacano's Billiards. All three victims were killed within the same week and the chief’s first 40 days on the job.

Chief Davis says, “A lot of times there isn't any rhyme or reason.”

It may sound scary but the chief say the shootings are not a sign crime is on the rise in his hometown.

“Homicides are different. You could have had a hundred police officers at the location but you probably couldn't have stopped one of them,” he adds.

Now it’s the 27-year veteran’s job is to solve each of them.

"It would be kind of nice to carry a blank sheet a while for a while and maybe next year we can stay that way,” he says.

The chief says while murders are up in North Little Rock, violent crime overall is down because robberies are down roughly 27 percent.

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