Neighbors react to Ricin investigation

Neighbors react to Ricin investigation

Neighbors shocked that New Boston couple might be connected to ricin letters.
The FBI is calling New Boston, Texas man a person of interest in connection with the string of Ricin-laced letters threatening President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The 100 block of Maple Street was a quiet neighborhood that on Thursday was turned upside down.

"They had blocked one end of the street, police blocked the other end," said resident Demarrio Miller.

"More and more people started showing up, more vans, a few SWAT team came in, a few people in camo were hiding out and surrounding the house," said Ryan Nehrkorn.

Federal Agents, law enforcement vehicles, and men in Hazmat suits had taken over.

"Agents going up and down the street, people searching through the neighborhood," said Miller. "I wasn't nervous, but I knew something wasn't right."

"There were people armed around the house, I didn't know what to think," Nehrkorn added.

Many say they're shocked it's hitting this close to home.

"It's pretty much a quiet neighborhood and it's peaceful and everyone minds their own business," Miller said.

While neighbors know the house officials are searching, those who occupy it remain a mystery.

"I believe I may have seen the husband a time or two, but I've had no contact with him," Nehrkorn said.

"I wouldn't expect it because the guy comes through, he's an average joe," exclaimed Miller.

And no matter how it ends, it'll be an experience those on Maple Street will never forget.

"I'm just really ready to see how this is all going to play out," Nehrkorn said.

"I hope he's innocent, I hope it's not him. But if it is him, justice is going to prevail," Miller added.

The FBI hasn't released any details about the investigation.

Neighbors in the area have identified the man as Nathaniel Richardson.

Officials have not confirmed that name at this time.

They do say though, that as of now, no arrests have been made.

(Reported by KTAL)
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