No School At Ark Tech Univ, But Homework Continues for Students

University leaders cancelled class Thursday, but students are using the cancellation to their advantage.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  Some students at Arkansas Tech University describe the winter weather in three words.

"It's very wet," said student Heather Burnn.

Pope County emergency workers advised students to stay off the roads to prevent any problems. Arkansas Tech University leaders cancelled school Thursday.

For some, no school means extra time to complete assignments.

"I love it because I have a report due and I have to do it today actually," said Burnn.

The weather is helping others review notes for Friday exams.

"I was probably going to do good on the test anyway, but the more time to study, the better," said Nicholas Guerrieri.

The undergraduates say just like their professors, the weather is unpredictable.

"I didn't know whether to bring an umbrella or not . Dress warm or not warm. It's kind of crazy," said Anthony Guerrieri.

Students say even though class was cancelled, the homework continues.

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