No Track For Maumelle High Students

No Track For Maumelle High Students

Students Seek Championship Despite Odds

Tevonshe Hines, ran track at Oak Grove, now he brings his sprinting skills to Maumelle High.

"We work pretty hard over here,” said Hines.

His teammate Caroline Sweet is projected to go to state in the 800 meters.

"It's exciting as a 9th grader that I have that chance," said Sweet.

They along with 73 other students make up the Maumelle High School Track and Field team.

Head Coach Grover Garrison said a record number this year, 175 students tried out, 75 made the cut.

"I think the kids were able to see we do a lot of training, some of them want to improve themselves and I think they saw someone whose willing to put in the extra time, on the weekends to reach their goals," added Garrison.

The state championship is the height they hope to reach, but will do it without a track to practice on.

"It hurts because a lot of times when you try to explain some things pertaining to an event, it's hard for the kids to really envision what you're saying," said Garrison.

"We all gonna try our best anyways, but without the track, I think it pushes us to work harder to prove you don't have to have the facility to be the best," said Sweet.

So they modify, from sprinting and jumping hurdles on the hardwood, to practicing passing the baton on the blacktop.

Deb Roush, Public Information Officer, for Pulaski County Special School District, said it's a funding issue.

"Maumelle High School was built just two years ago and in the final planning stages there were some financial cuts that had to made, unfortunately the track was one of those," said Roush.

Maybe Maumelle High will one day get a track, but whether they do or not, I hope we go to state and we win it all, we just strive to be the best, with or without the track,” added Hines.

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