No suspects in home invasion investigation

No suspects in home invasion investigation

Police are still looking for clues that could lead them to the two men who invaded a Little Rock home and shot and killed a man.
Two weeks after a man is shot and killed during a home invasion police are still searching for his attackers. Calvin Watson and his girlfriend just moved into the home on West 31st Street when two men kicked the door down in the middle of the night and shot Watson.

Detectives with the Little Rock Police Department have no suspects in the home invasion shooting. Calvin Watson's girlfriend knows someone has information about what happened that night, but they're just too afraid to come forward.

The house where it happened is now boarded up and vacant. Watson's girlfriend told police two black men kicked the front door of the home in and shot Watson as he tried to fight off the attackers in the front yard. Watson crawled across the yard to the neighbors house looking for help. He later died at the hospital from blood loss and injury to the head.

Watson's girlfriend is now afraid the two men who attacked her and Watson will come find her. She's looking for closure and answers to why their home was invaded, and why Watson's life was taken.

"I feel like a lot of people are scared to speak up and say anything right now."

Fear of retaliation is a growing problem in the community where violence is on the rise. Reverend Benny Johnson is working hard to stop the violence and bring the community together.

"The problem in the black community is a lot of people don't want to get involved. They've got this thing no snitching thing, but I say we need to start snitching," says Rev. Johnson.

Johnson says, if someone would just have the courage to come forward with information on what happened, perhaps it won't happen to anyone else.

"A lot of these homicides and burglary crimes can be solved if the community would get involved."

"It's just sad you can't rest in your own home. You're paranoid because you don't know when someone is going to kick your door down," says Watson's girlfriend.

She's now staying with family and friends, and spending time with Watson's 13 children to help them through the loss of their father.

There's no word from investigators as to why Watson was targeted, but his girlfriend says, it wasn't a random act of violence.

Anyone with any information that could help detectives solve this crime is asked to call Little Rock Police.

Calvin Watson would have been 39-years-old next month.
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