Nude Man Arrested Near Primary School Campus

A man is arrested across from Lake Hamilton Primary School reportedly making inappropriate gestures in the nude.
HOT SPRINGS, AR -- Parents in the Lake Hamilton School District are asking school administrators why they weren't notified a nude man was arrested near campus.

A highway is the only thing separating the home off Adam Brown Road and Lake Hamilton Primary School.

"We had a couple parents who saw something disturbing," Principal John Smalling said.

On Thursday, he said parents visiting their children for lunch saw a figure in the window of a home across the street from campus.

"It was a naked man that they saw at a private residence and reported it to us," he said.

School administrators immediately called law enforcement and notified campus security.

Smalling said even he personally went to investigate the situation himself.

The man is 63-year-old Leonard Magby who was arrested by Garland County Sheriff's Deputies.

According to the arrest report, Magby had been sitting in a chair in front of a large living room window.

"Over the weekend the report got blown out of proportion," said Smalling.

Rumors began that Magby was on campus peering through windows.

"Which was absolutely erroneous," Smalling said. "He never left his own personal property, in fact he never even lived there."

Magby was visiting relatives who also have young children that attend the school, however, he was asked to leave after the arrest.

"If it had been on school property we would have notified parents immediately," Smalling said.

He added parent's concerns are justified.

"It being that close to the school they had a reason to be upset and we took care of it as best we could," he said.

On Monday, school was back to normal.

Magby has bonded out of jail, and according to the Garland County Sheriff's Office, he is not a registered sex offender.
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