Officials Highlight Motorcycle Safety During Labor Day

Officials Highlight Motorcycle Safety During Labor Day

Three bikers died in motorcycle accidents in the last five days. Officials want to highlight the importance of motorcycle safety during the holiday weekend.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- This holiday weekend is in full gear, including a campaign promoting motorcycle safety. You can find banners and bumper stickers around the area reading "Share the Road, Look twice for motorcycles."

In the last five days, police reported three deadly motorcycle accidents. We found out these accidents could've been prevented with proper attire and education.

"Helmets do save lives," said Lloyd Vanover, Motorcycle Safety Coordinator. "Something as simple as sitting at a red light in traffic and you fall over. It keeps you from hitting your head on the ground. It can make a difference, it can save your life."

Lloyd Vanover trains many bikers at Arkansas Motorcycle Safety in Little Rock. In these classes, bikers learn safety courses and are educated on the importance of riding attire like helmets.

Three people who died from motorcycle accidents in the last five days wasn't wearing a helmet. The victim's wife saying how things could've been much different today if he had it on. Vanover says speed is the number one factor behind motorcycle accidents.

"Our fatalities that we do have, over 80 percent are the fault of the motorcyclist. Again, lack of skill, speed, and alcohol," said Vanover.

Fatalities are down about 40 percent in 2013 compared to last year. Vanover says the economy plays a role in the decline, but believes more needs to be done to lower the amount of motorcycle accidents. It all boils down to education.

"Part of that is just rider error, lack of skill, lack of knowledge, that's why we do the training, and we do the safety courses to teach proper skill," explained Vanover.

40 percent of motorcyclists involved in a deadly accident don't have a license. This Labor day, Vanover reminds everyone to be safe on the roadways.
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