PCSSD Asking Parents To Pay Outstanding Lunch Balances

Money needs to be paid by May 31.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- Pulaski County Special School District leaders are asking parents with outstanding school lunch balances to pay their bills.

Leaders instituted a new policy this year, allowing elementary and middle school students to charge their meals, if they don't have money to pay. That can be done up to 3 times until the balance is cleared.
But now since the school year is coming to an end, they need parents to pay their balances. Leaders say if not, the district will have to cover the costs out of the general fund.

"Please go to your school, contact your cafeteria by phone or your principal, and find out your child's outstanding balance and try to have that paid by May 31," said student nutrition director Regena English.

Last school year, unpaid meals costs the district $161,000. But because of the new policy put in place this year, the costs amount to $5,000. 
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