PCSSD Going Green

PCSSD Going Green

Dozens of elementary schools going green.
SHERWOOD, AR - The Pulaski County Special School District is on its way to saving thousands of dollars, all by going green.

Sherwood Elementary is one of the first schools to take part, in a solution that's making cafeteria employees happy.

"The district is installing 24 dishwashers in all of our elementary schools and helping our kids go green," explains Nutrition Director Regena English.

Instead of Styrofoam trays, students will now eat on reusable plastic plates.

"It's gonna cut our waste in half," English says.

Superintendent Dr. Jerry Guess says the district will save about $100,000.

"We provide 11-thousand students lunch everyday, 11-thousand Styrofoam trays, that we had to buy and then we had to discard to the landfill,” he says.

Dr. Guess touts not only saving the district money and the environment, but says the cafeteria staff is excited about the washers.

“Because the washers that we are going to put in the cafeteria, will be used to wash pots and pans, that they had washed by hand," he explains.

And students are excited as well.

"The first day that we brought this system in, the kids were like 'Oh plates, oh plates!'" adds English.
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