People Try to Pick Up The Pieces After Tornado

People Try to Pick Up The Pieces After Tornado

Families in Van Buren County try to move on, after surviving Wednesday night's tornado.
VAN BUREN COUNTY, AR -- Cleanup begins in the Scotland Formosa area in Van Buren County.

Bobbie Johnson lives on Buttercreek Road.

Her camper flipping on its side after the storm hit. The outside shed destroyed. Johnson says when the storm hit, she went to her mother's home next door taking cover in the bathroom.

Johnson says, "we prayed the whole time we were in the tub. It was very scary."

The winds were so strong, items from the house were found scattered in the surrounding woods.

Her family survived the storm with no injuries, including the dog, who is enjoying today's sunshine after stormy weather.

Johnson says, "I'm glad God spared us," adding that the tornado "scared the bejesus out of us."
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