People complain about fights following Riverfest

People complain about fights following Riverfest

Crime victims complain law enforcement is not doing enough to keep people safe downtown Little Rock.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Multiple beatings, robberies, and a 15-year-old shot. Crime victims say law enforcement did not do enough to keep people safe following Riverfest.

Little Rock Police do not have the numbers yet of total incidents that happened over the weekend after Riverfest, and are not releasing the number of officers on patrol for the event. 

Jimmy Archer still has the marks on his face from getting jumped twice Memorial Day weekend downtown Little Rock after Riverfest. He says crooks beat and robbed him and his friends in the same area about a month ago. "He pulled a gun on me and told me to empty my pockets. I said I didn't have anything, and he pulled $70 out of my wallet."

Archer's friend, Larry Morris, says police did nothing to help them. "The police could have caught those guys that robbed us. In two weeks who knows, maybe that same group that robbed us could kill a family, and police could have prevented it."

Riverfest organizers say they work hard to create a safe environment. Deanna Korte, the Executive Director of Riverfest says, "The safety, security & well-being of the festival-goers who attend Riverfest is our top priority. Riverfest spent more than $100,000 on security this year."

Little Rock Police prepare for crowds and try to maintain control, but Sgt. Cassandra Davis says there's only so much officers can do. "We're working with what we have and we do have a number of shortages."

When crimes are committed and brought to the attention of law enforcement, Sgt. Davis says officers make contact with those involved, use surveillance video from cameras, and make arrests when appropriate.

But Jimmy Archer says when he and his friends were jumped, that's not what happened. "We told police who jumped us, pointed them out, and police told us we needed to go. We said, "Hey man, you're not going to do anything?" They just told us to leave." Larry Morris and Jimmy Archer did file a police report, but so far have not heard anything more from police about their case.

Multiple agencies worked together at Riverfest including Central Arkansas Security, the Little Rock & North Little Rock Police Departments, Pulaski Country Sheriff's Department, Arkansas State Police, MEMS, & the Little Rock & North Little Rock Fire Departments.

Little Rock Police expect to have a total number of crimes committed downtown Memorial Day weekend on Thursday.

The 15-year-old shot downtown Sunday night, his mother also says police did nothing at the time of the incident even though her son identified his shooter. Detectives are still reviewing the surveillance video of the shooting, and have not yet made an arrest.
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