Pine Bluff police investigate use of taser

According to the police report, an officer gave a paramedic the authority to discharge a taser to subdue an unruly man.
PINE BLUFF, AR -- The drama unfolded on South Dakota Street in Pine Bluff.

According to the police report, the woman who at the home called 911 after a scuffle with her son Kendrick Baldwin, whom she described as high off a drug.

Pine Bluff police officer Marqu'ii McLemore first arrived and then called Lieutenant Edna Butler for backup. 

In Butler's account, she writes Baldwin could barely stand up so she and Officer McLemore had to lay him down because of his size.Then, the two officers tried to get Baldwin up, and all of a sudden Baldwin made a fist, hit the house, and ran inside.  According to Butler's report, Baldwin started toward them in an aggressive manner so she took out her taser and handed it to paramedics and told him to go ahead and deploy it and hand it right back to me so that I can control it."

We read the Pine Bluff Police Department's policy manual as it relates to tasers.

It says " shall be handled in the same manner and treated with the same degree of care and discretion as a firearm, only used by officers who have completed the Pine Bluff Police Department Taser Training Program or a Taser Training Program."

FOX16 News called the ambulance service to see if they train employees to use tasers.

They released the following statement: "Due to HIPPA laws, we can't discuss any patient care or incident that happened on the scene because that would be a violation of patient's privacy."

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