Pine Bluff shooting suspect charged with capital murder

Pine Bluff shooting suspect charged with capital murder

A woman suspected of gunning down a co-worker at work has been charged with capital murder.

PINE BLUFF, AR – As detectives recount Monday morning's shooting, Lillie Wilson is overwhelmed with grief.  Based on statements from Wilson and witnesses, she and LaTange Long had gotten into an argument.  Wilson went home, took some medicine for a headache, and put her .357 in her pocket.

"She went back to work, went over to her machine. Ms. Long walked over by her, made some type of noise and made some derogatory term," said Detective Bill Wiegand.

And then, that's when police say Wilson shot and killed Long.

"I place this squarely on the shoulders of Central Moloney and the supervisors therein," said Gary Wilson, the suspect's husband.

Wilson's husband says he regrets what happened but blames Central Moloney for it.  For six years, he says Long bullied his wife.

Examples of the bullying include pushing his wife up against the wall, verbal abuse, and even spitting food onto Wilson's chair.

He said she reported it, but nothing ever happened.

"If they had done their jobs, then this woman would still be alive, my wife would be at home with me, and my head wouldn't be hurting right now," Wilson said.

A Central Moloney spokesman said they have no record of any issues that would require intervention from human resources.

"They have failed all of the employees that worked there. They failed the woman that is deceased. They failed my wife. They failed me," Wilson said.

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