Police Department Adds $700k Worth of Upgrades for Fraction of the Cost

Police Department Adds $700k Worth of Upgrades for Fraction of the Cost

Nearly $700,000 worth of upgrades have been added to one central Arkansas police department in the name of safety.
Police departments generally aren't on the wrong end of crime but most of the new stuff belonging to the Bryant Police Department was a steal.

"Right at $700,000 worth of equipment and we spent less than $8,000," said Chief Mark Kizer.

No, they didn't do anything illegal, but Chief Kizer says things like their brand new command center with a price tag of over $200k came at only the price to pick it up. A good steal if you ask him.

It's all possible through something called the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO).

It allows police departments throughout the United States to purchase equipment the federal government doesn't want anymore.

The purchases aren't only limited to segways and a mobile command center. They've received ATVs, a sky tower, weapons and even Hummer's that are used when conditions get rough.

Not everyone is on board with the purchases however, regardless of the cost.

Different city leaders question whether or not Bryant can afford large acquisitions like this.

"They're complaining about them buying these mobile command centers or these new trucks or anything like that," remarked Randy Perkins.

Perkins' family lives in Bryant and is comforted by the upgrades.

He said, "That gives them a faster response time when you want them there."

Chief Kizer added, "I would be letting the city down and be a failure if I was not prepared for disaster that could happen."

If not a disaster, at least it would be them chasing someone down that did in fact do something illegal or steal something.
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