Police: Search for Gunman near Sylvan Hills Middle School

Police: Search for Gunman near Sylvan Hills Middle School

No children are on campus today but teachers are working there and have been placed in the gym on lockdown.
Police are searching the area after a report of a gunman near Sylvan Hills Middle School.

There are no children on campus today but about 60 teachers and other staff are working there, district officials say. They have all been taken to the gym, which has been placed on lockdown.

Lt. Jamie Michaels with the Sherwood Police Department (SPD) says the information about a possible gunman originated through the school radio system but they don’t know who said it. School officials and police are looking into that. 

Lt. Michaels says the school’s radio system picked up some chatter that they thought was suspicious. They don’t think it was a school employee. They think someone might have been on their radio’s frequency. So an administrator called 911. 

Officers with the SPD are looking for a gunman but they have not found anything. There has been no visual confirmation of anyone with a weapon.
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