Police arrest one robbery suspect, search for more

Police arrest a Conway armed robbery suspect, and now the question is -- how many robberies did he allegedly take part in?
CONWAY, AR - When someone robbed Conway’s Game Point in August, police only had one lead – a picture. Nearly two months later, Bryant Turner is in custody, alleviating investigators' fears.

Here's one reason for that concern: Police think Turner could be one of two men who robbed the Corner Pantry in Conway in July, holding a gun to clerk Barry Beckman's head.

"[I’m] very glad that my time ain't up,” Beckman said. “I still have things I want to do in this life. I ain't had that much time to do it."

Police suspect Turner may have been involved with a robbery at the Gulf Gas Station in Conway in July.

At most, police have one of these suspects in custody. They're still looking for info regarding suspect number two.

"Any information,” Woodruff said. “Who this other person is or if they say 'that's not Bryant Turner, I know who those people are,' then we need to know that."

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