Police arrest two in the death of a Little Rock hairdresser

Police arrest two in the death of a Little Rock hairdresser

Monday morning, prosecutors charged a man for the weekend murder of a popular Little Rock hairdresser. Little Rock firefighters found Wesley Burris dead in his home, with his SUV burned in the garage.
Antonio Suggs
Antonio Suggs
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Friends remember Wesley Burris with a floral arrangement outside his home, where Little Rock firefighters discovered his body after neighbors reported smelling gas. After crews arrived, they found Burris' SUV on fire, and in the house, they found him tied with duct tape. Clues quickly led Little Rock police to arrest Stephen Shaw for Burris’ death.

"Some of the details of the motive we're not releasing at this time,” Lt. Terry Hastings of the Little Rock Police Department said. “Detectives want to hold that for trial."

According to Lt. Hastings, Shaw told investigators that a man named Antonio Suggs helped in the crime by accepting stolen goods. Police later found Burris' items at Suggs' home. Hastings says Burris knew both Shaw and Suggs.

Burris' brother in law Jody Jenkins says the family wasn’t expecting this sort of thing to happen to him. The family says Burris loved life, and touched whomever he met, especially people he met at Salon Corde', where he worked for many years.

"He was very strong in his faith,” Jenkins said. “If you were gonna have a conversation with him, he was going to talk to you about his faith."

The family holds on to the good memories, as they await justice.

"We completely trust the Little Rock Police Department will take care of this,” Jenkins said. “They’ve dealt with us in a professional manner, and we have confidence."
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