Police investigate five potential arsons

Police investigate five potential arsons

Alexander police are investigating five fires set in just a matter of weeks and although one man is locked up, charged with three counts of arson, investigators believe another arsonist is still on the loose.

ALEXANDER, AR - Five mobile homes all burned to the ground over just a few weeks.

"Unoccupied, no electricity, no water, and that's the way all of them have been," said Alexander Fire Chief Mark Ridgeway.

Even though one suspect is locked up, another mobile home went up in flames Thursday morning.

Chief Ridgeway says the only suspicious factors linking the two cases together are that all of the homes were unoccupied at the time of the arsons and they're all located within blocks of each other.

Even some of the house numbers on the burned buildings are the same.

"I remember looking and that they were the same and it through me off. I though somebody miswrote the report," said Chief Ridgeway.

Although they have some leads on Thursday's fire, investigators are still puzzled.  They arrested Harold Crone and say he admitted to setting four fires but he sat in jail as someone set the latest one.

"It's been very painful because all of us miss him," said Crone's sister, Billie Jean.

She believes if her brother is guilty of the previous arsons, others are also involved.

"If he did do it, possibly, if there was a chance, somebody would have had to do something to him. It wasn't because he was bored," she said.

"I take my job very seriously and I take it to heart. I gave my life to this and to the fire service and we're not putting up with this. Not in the city of Alexander one bit," said Chief Ridgeway.

Crone admitted to four arsons but is only charged with three due to lack of evidence.  His court date is set for July 12th.

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