Private Option Meeting Resistance Same Day It's Signed into Law

Not long after the ink dried, those against the health care expansion spoke up.
Little Rock, AR - Governor Beebe's signature on the Private Option Act made it law Tuesday (4/23).

Once approved at the federal level, it will provide an alternative to expanding the state's medicaid program allowing 250,000 uninsured Arkansans to enroll in private insurance.

Not long after the ink dried though, those against the health care expansion spoke up.

A Ballot Question Committee calling themselves "Arkansans Against Big Government" filed, challenging private option.

The group hopes to collect enough signatures to get the issue put on a ballot so the people of Arkansas can decide.

"I just think it's a bad bill and I think a private option is best left to the private market," said creator of the group, Glenn Gallas. "Not to a government controlled system."

It's a 90 day process that starts Wednesday. They'll have to collect somewhere around 46,000 signatures.
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