Update: Pulaski Co. Sheriff Continues to Warn Against Phone Scam

Caller says he is with PCSO and that you need to pay an outstanding fine over the phone.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office (PSCO) is continuing to warn residents about a scam it became aware of in late August.

Deputies say a person receives a call from someone saying they are "Lieutenant Allen."

The scam artist then tells the person that they have an outstanding fine that needs to be paid over the phone by debit or credit.

According to PSCO, the number calling even has a voice mail claiming to be from the PCSO Warrants Division, but it is not their number. The number for the PCSO Warrants Division is 501-340-8450 and the main PCSO number is 501-340-6600.

Deputies say it is a scam, adding that there's no one by the name of "Lieutenant Allen" who works for the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies also say the department does not collect fines at all, the court does.

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