Pulaski teachers stage a blackout

Pulaski teachers stage a blackout

Members of the Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers staged a silent protest.
Members of the Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers staged a silent protest. Instead of walking out, the group staged a day of solidarity against the board of education.

The teacher's union is upset over the school board's decision this week to de-certify the union. Friday, members showed up to class hoping their attire would influence the board to re-think its decision.

Just call it Black Friday for PACT members. To show their disapproval of the board no longer recognizing the union, PACT members wore all black to class.

"Hang in there," PACT President Marty Nix told her members after the board voted to de-certify PACT Tuesday.

"My reaction is total disappointment,” she said.

Nix says the teachers made the decision Thursday to wear all black just to show board members, they're not happy with their actions.
“After 20 years of PACT being at the table are you absolutely sure this is the best decision?” we asked Board President Tim Clark. “100 percent, absolutely positive.”

He says the union got in the way of educating students.

"It's gone from a teacher teaching all day and loving their job to a battle over money," Clark said.

"Really says a lot about the value of teachers doesn't it,” Nix said.

She says the union will continue to fight and that the union could decide to take further action.

"They may have won the battle, but they lost the war. If you look at the ruling of the judge, it clearly states that we have the right to de-certify the union. Just our timing was wrong," Clark said.

"I don't agree with that interpretation," Nix added.

We asked Clark if he is afraid the teachers union will take more drastic action and walk out, he says no and that he believes there's a divide within the group itself. Clark says since the district is forming a new personnel policies committee, which will consist of teachers, those with concerns should have nothing to worry about.

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