Questions still surround 25-year-old murder

It's a story filled with controversy and confusion.
ALEXANDER, AR - It's a story filled with controversy and confusion.

25 years after the deaths of two Alexander teenagers, a community is still struggling to heal.

The community of Alexander has dedicated a bench to Don Henry and Kevin Ives, two teenagers hit by a train in 1987.

For decades, the case has been through local, state and federal court systems. After two autopsies, a grand jury ruled that someone murdered the high school seniors, but no one has ever been convicted of the crimes.

Friends and family released balloons with messages written to the boys 25 years after what their families call the most gruesome unsolved murder to ever happen in Saline County.

"Every day you think about it,” Don’s father Curtis Henry said. “And you still wonder who and what and why."

“It's time somebody does the right thing by these boys,” Kevin’s mother Linda Ives said. “Kevin and Don deserve better than what they got."

Petitioners will march to the capitol May 25th with more than 1,000 signatures urging the governor to re-examine the case.
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