Rapert Making National Headlines After Anti-Abortion Bill

Rapert appeared on Fox News Sunday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR --  Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert appearing in national publications and on national television, discussing his 12-week anti abortion bill, which is now law. Rapert sat down with Fox News anchor Shannon Bream Sunday morning.

"Why can't we honor and respect the rights of a woman and honor and respect the rights of a child and I think that's what we are able to do now," said Rapert.

Last week, Arkansas State lawmakers made most abortions illegal after 12-weeks. Rapert says he's gotten a lot of support from people across the country.

But in opposition, lawsuits are now headed in Rapert's direction from the American Civil Liberties Union.

"I'm just asking America, you need to wake up to the fact and realize, these babies are human beings and we should protect them. I believe when there is a heartbeat, there is life," said Rapert.
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