Razorbacks return to practice without a head coach

Razorbacks return to practice without a head coach

Within hours of Athletic Director Jeff Long's announcement Bobby Petrino will no longer work for the U of A, there are already signs that the University is trying to move forward.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Beyond a ramp of the Broyles Athletic Complex sits Bobby Petrino's former office. As University employees unload empty office boxes into the building, no one will answer questions on why the boxes are being carried into the complex.

Despite all of the activity around the athletic complex as players walk in for their first practice without a head coach, there are few words exchanged.

Across campus, however, is a much more vocal crowd.

"A lot of coaches - they're involved in scandals too," said Junior Ryan Todd as he defended the former football coach. "They just haven't been found out yet."

"There are worse schools and worse scandals that have happened," said Sophomore Ben Dyson.

The field museum boasts now former Coach Petrino's accolades with life sized posters and portraits but students say being a Razorback is about supporting the entire team and not just one person.

"I'm proud to be a Razorback and I'll still be a Razorback fan no matter what," said Sophomore Desta Shaffer.

A team full of players who expressed to Fox16 they're "feeling good" about heading into practice to do what they do best.

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