Red Cross Volunteers Help With Colorado Relief Efforts

Red Cross Volunteers Help With Colorado Relief Efforts

Several volunteers are headed to Colorado to help flooding victims.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Heavy clouds and rain grounded helicopters slowing the search for hundreds of people missing in Colorado. Over 19,000 homes have been damaged, more than 1,500 people are still unaccounted for, and over 11,000 people have evacuated.

Several Arkansas Red Cross Volunteers are on their way to Colorado Sunday to assist with relief efforts.

"I'll be flying into Denver, and from there I'm not sure where I'll be," said Mollie Mills, Red Cross Volunteer.

Mills, might not know where she'll be or what she'll exactly be doing, but she says she's ready to help out where ever needed.

"Mental health's other job is to make sure the volunteers there are also dealing with it. We like to call it psychological first aid," said Mills.

While some Red Cross volunteers are en route, other agencies like the Salvation Army are on standby.

"We will of course receive donations and if they're earmarked for Colorado, then we would forward those onto Colorado," said Roger Glick, North Little Rock Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster trucks are already on scene helping those affected by the flood.

"There will be some families who may need lodging, there may be families who have lost everything and they might need, you know, clothing, temporary housing," said Glick.

In the meantime, volunteers like Mills are committed to being their for two weeks, but says she'll stay as long as needed.

"It can be very stressful, frustrating and mental health is needed at that time," said Mills.

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