Republican rally gathers support as election nears

Republican rally gathers support as election nears

More than 100 Republican supporters and party leaders gathered in the River Market, Saturday, to rally behind the party as the election nears.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Republican Party leaders like Congressman Tim Griffin and Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb joined former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on the microphone to rally supporters as the election approaches.

Saturday's main focus was on local politics.

This election is an opportunity for republicans to take the majority in both the house and senate in the Arkansas legislature.

"Give the republicans a chance," said Huckabee. "They have never in this state had an opportunity to have the majority of the house and senate. Give them a chance! If they don't do better you can have another election in two years and figure it put then."

Huckabee also addressed social issues at the rally like marriage rights, racism within the party and abortion. Specifically, backing Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin after Akin's August statement that a woman's body can "shut down" a pregnancy if it's a legitimate rape.

"People have a real clear choice and it's not about a six second comment," said Huckabee. "It's about a six year record of a very liberal senator up there."

Huckabee added he supports Akin as a neighboring state's senator as an effort to get a Republican majority in the senate on the national level as well here in the Arkansas legislature.
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