Residents Report No AC at Little Rock's Plaza Towers

Residents Report No AC at Little Rock's Plaza Towers

People living at the high-rise apartment building say the air conditioning has been out since Monday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - People at one Little Rock apartment building say they have no air conditioning, forcing code enforcement officers to get involved.

James Penn used to work at Plaza Towers, but said after telling his managers about building issues, he was terminated.

Penn said people are using rooftop closets to sleep in at night, exit signs are broken and the trash problem continues to be an issue.

He adds the most recent concern is no air conditioning.

"It's hot. It's stifling. This is like a brick oven," Penn said.

Penn called Little Rock code enforcement about the AC problem and they evaluated the issue for much of the afternoon on Tuesday.

"I think about some of the older residents here," Penn said. "Some people may not have fans."

Code enforcement officers have given the complex 24 hours to get the air working again, but Penn believes it will only be a temporary fix when a permanent one is needed.

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