Road Rage Leaves One Man Shot

Two man involved in road rage leaves one shot
Update-Sgt Cassandra Davis, of Little Rock Police Department, confirms to FOX16 news that 44-year-old Arista Aldrige has died after being shot by Chris Schnarr. Schnarr is charged with 1st Degree Murder. Schnarr is being held at the Pulaski County Detention Center with no bond.
LRPD Spokesperson Sgt. Cassandra Davis tells FOX16 News that the two drivers put off the interstate and one got out of his car and as he walked up to the car the other driver pulled a gun and shot him twice. The victim was hit in the shoulder and chest. He does have life threatening injuries according to Davis.

A MegaBus was behind the two men and may have captured the shooting on its camera. Police are looking at the tape and talking with the shooter
Little Rock Police are working a road rage case involving two men at 6th street and Ferry. The two had an agrument while traveling on I-30 and then took it to the streets of Little Rock, near MacArthur Park. One of the men has shot the other but at this time we do not have more details. MEMS is on the scene to take the victim to the hospital. No word on his condition.

State Police pulled over the shooter and have him in custody. Jocelyn Tovar is on the way to 6th and Ferry and will have more on the store as she gets information. Watch FOX16 News at 9 for more on this story
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