Sheridan man survives tornado, but home destroyed

A Sheridan man is cleaning after a tornado overnight Friday destroys his home on Shoemaker Road in Sheridan.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Sheridan man is cleaning after a tornado overnight Thursday destroys his home on Shoemaker Road.

Gerald Winston says he was home alone and in bed when the storm moved through.

“Within a matter of seconds, it was gone just like that," said Winston.

So he ran, seeking cover from the flying debris.

"I came out here to the back looking for my clothes. I found some clothes to get on and got in my pick up and warmed me up," said Winston.

Emergency crews eventually arrived and just hours later, the National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado touched down.

Despite the damage, Winston only has a scratch on his nose.

“They wanted me to go to the hospital. But I told them I wasn’t going because I wasn’t hurt that bad," said Winston.

Rachel Hillman is now helping her dad gather what remains.

“As we think about Christmas, I am just thankful that my dad is alive," said Hillman.

Winston had the home for 33 years and plans to rebuild in the same spot.
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