Sheridan ranch suffers loss from Jacksonville fire

Sheridan ranch suffers loss from Jacksonville fire

Wind Song Ranch was slated to recieve building materials to expand the rehab facility, but the donation went up in smoke, Friday, in a Jacksonville fire.
SHERIDAN, AR - It's easy to get down and dirty at Wind Song Ranch but it's really a place that's all about getting clean.

"I got on crack cocaine and methamphetamine and I was prostituting on the street," said one recovering addict, Legenia Dillingham.

The Sheridan ranch serves to help addicts like Dillingham get back on their feet.

"I went to many rehabs before I got here," she said. "Nothing worked. This is the only place that ever worked for me."

"I've been here 30 days and I haven't had a cigarette or a drink or a bump," said another recovering addict, Tonya Looper.

But after a Jacksonville fire destroyed building materials slated to be donated to the ranch last weekend, there may not be a place for these people to go for much longer.

"A lot of people don't want to be around addicted personalities," said Ranch administrator Jerry "beau" Parker.

Wind Song Ranch helps twice as many people than the ranch is built to hold and donations like the building materials lost in Friday's fire don't come around often.

"A lot of addicts are just discarded," said Looper. "They're considered a lost cause."

Despite the lack of living conditions Pastor Beau Parker won't turn anyone away.

"I want them to have a family setting," said Parker. "We ride horses with them we play games with them because I want them to do that with their kids when they get home."

The Jacksonville building may be a total loss, but at Wind Song Ranch, there's no such thing as a lost cause.

"It went up in smoke, but our dream is still there," said Parker.

To donate to Wind Song Ranch, visit
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