Sheriff: Man Arrested in Faulkner Co. Sought Sex with Woman and 10-year-old Daughter

Aric L. Chapman, 32, charged with Internet Stalking of a Child.
The Faulkner County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man it says was looking for sex with a woman and her 10-year-old daughter.

Aric L. Chapman, 32, was taken into custody Friday following a 2-day investigation.

The Sheriff's Office says Chapman, who thought he was chatting online with the child's mother, was instead talking to a deputy. 

When he arranged for a meeting at Conway's Laurel Park, the Sheriff's Office says Chapman asked the officer posing as the mom, where the "10-year-old daughter" was. Moments later, investigators took him into custody without incident.

Chapman is charged with Internet Stalking of a Child, a class B felony. He will be held for a court appearance on Monday.

The Sheriff's Office says this is the second Internet Stalking case for them this year.
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