Sink Hole Found In Benton County

Sink Hole Found In Benton County

Huge sink hole found just east of Pea Ridge.
BENTON COUNTY, AR -A sinkhole large enough to drive a car into discovered in Benton County just East of Pea Ridge.

Road crews believe the recent flooding is to blame.

Coming in at more than eight feet deep, it was one of the largest sink holes these crews have ever repaired.

It happened on Twelve Corners Road off Highway 72 near Pea Ridge, when a culvert under the road rusted and collapsed due to the recent flooding.

The road department warns more sinkholes could form in the future.

"We're going to be watching more, our crews are going to be watching the roads and looking for more because we don't know what damage we've had from these floods. I mean we keep finding more and more and more everyday,"

Fortunately this one was caught before anyone was hurt but crews ask that you keep an eye out and call them ASAP if you think you see a sinkhole.

Benton county road crews will open the road back up by 7:30 Friday night.
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