Special prosecutor to be named in Ward shooting

Special prosecutor to be named in Ward shooting

Monday night, a crowd of one-hundred celebrated the life of a man shot and killed at his employer's home in 2012.
Monday night, one-hundred people gathered to celebrate the life of a man who died in a shooting at his employer's home in Ward in 2012. Ernest Hoskins would have turned 22 years old Tuesday.

The attorney for Hoskins' family announced Monday that a special prosecutor would be appointed to the case. For the first time Monday night, the community also heard from a woman who witnessed the November 2012 shooting.

“It could’ve been any of our sons. It could’ve been any of our sons. When I think of other clients, like Trayvon Martin, that we represent in other parts of the country, we have to remember that this is about all of us,” says the Hoskins' attorney, Benjamin Crump. 

Crump has also represented Martin's family.

Christopher Reynolds is accused of pointing a loaded gun at Hoskins. According to the police report, instead of uncocking it, it went off and shot Hoskins in the face. Rachel Watson, who used to work for Reynolds, says it all unfolded in front of her eyes.

"I’m gonna try everything I can to help with the family and the friends. It’s all I can do,” says Watson.

Monday, she did not talk about what happened the day of the shooting. She only added that she met Hoskins 15 minutes before he was shot.

The Hoskins family hopes the news of a special prosecutor being appointed to the case will bring them the justice they’re looking for.

“You want to say it was a mistake, but there is no mistake when you get a gun and point it at a man’s face,” says widow Nikki Hoskins.

Reynolds posted bond and got out of jail in November.

The appointment of a special prosecutor means, according to the Hoskins family attorney, that the first degree murder and assault charges levied against Reynolds last year are just recommendations. The special prosecutor could announce other charges and will announce official charges.

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